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A temporary restraining order has been issued against Stan Lee’s caregiver, because of allegations of elder abuse, as Sky News reports in the article, “Stan Lee’s caregiver handed restraining order over ‘elder abuse’.”

A lawyer for Stan Lee, the creator of many of the most successful Marvel Comics, says his caregiver Keya Morgan “inserted himself into Mr. Lee’s life” following the death of Lee’s wife last year.

The petition for the restraining order was filed on Lee’s behalf by his attorney Tom Lallas. The lawyer claimed that Morgan ousted him as the 95-year-old’s lawyer in February of this year. According to court documents for the order, Morgan seized control of Lee’s home and moved him to a condominium. He also hired security guards to keep family members and friends away.

In the petition, Lallas wrote: “Petitioner, along with law enforcement and Adult Protective Services, believes that Mr. Morgan is unduly influencing Mr. Lee and isolating him.”

He added details of Lee’s severe hearing and vision impairment, saying he requires round-the-clock care, and Morgan’s actions amount to “elder abuse”.

Lallas noted that Lee has a large estate worth more than $50M. As a result, the attorney said his client is vulnerable to financial predators.

Morgan was arrested on suspicion of making a false police report, after calling 911 to report a burglary at Lee’s home. The call was made shortly after two police officers and a social worker had arrived to check on the elderly Lee’s welfare.

The restraining order was granted just days after Lee posted a video on his Twitter feed informing the public to get in touch with Morgan, if they wanted to speak to him. The tweet claimed that Morgan was the only person with whom he worked. Lee called Morgan his business partner and said they were conquering the world together. A hearing concerning the circumstances of the restraining order was set for July at Los Angeles County Court.

“I have taken great care of Stan Lee for the past many years, and have never had a problem directly with Stan. I have a fantastic relationship with him for the past many years, as he has stated countless times on the record and I literally saved his life once,” Morgan told TMZ. “I will 100% prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the allegations against me are false.”

Lee is responsible for the creation of heroes like Spiderman, Iron Man, and the Hulk. He appeared in public at the premier of Black Panther, as recently as January of this year.

ReferenceSky News (June 14, 2018) “Stan Lee’s caregiver handed restraining order over ‘elder abuse’”

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