When someone draws up a will or trust, they hope their post-life wishes are fulfilled. However, sometimes things don’t go smoothly once they pass away. Often, obstacles arise when their will enters probate. 

Probate is the court process a will must go through to transfer the deceased’s assets to their heirs or designated beneficiaries. When a will enters probate, the remaining family members and friends may face a number of challenges. Perhaps their will isn’t clear or something completely unexpected arises in court. Remaining family members are often at a loss for dealing with the challenges they may face in probate proceedings.

Robbins Estate Law created an eBook, “The Challenges Surrounding Probate,” so that you won’t be caught off guard when the probate process doesn’t go smoothly. Our knowledgeable estate attorneys have drafted numerous wills and have represented clients in sometimes contentious estate litigation in Texas. We’ve poured our wealth of experience and knowledge into this eBook to address some of the most common challenges that arise in the probate process. 

What You’ll Get with Our eBook

Our eBook provides a straightforward explanation of the legal issues involved in probate’s most common hurdles. You’ll get an understanding of common probate issues like:

  • The basis for challenging a will’s validity;
  • The definition of a fiduciary;
  • The breach of fiduciary duty;
  • Problems involving the named executor, such as their inability to serve;
  • The assets included in an estate;
  • Disputes over valuing the estate; and
  • Many more topics. 

Even though our eBook addresses legal issues, we understand that reiterating complex legal terminology doesn’t necessarily help most people involved in probate disputes. That’s why we’ve designed our eBook with non-lawyers in mind. We want to ensure that lawyers and non-lawyers have access to this valuable information. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.