Whether planning your estate or administering one, you shouldn’t be wondering about how hard it will be, how long it will take, or how much it will cost.  Robbins Estate Law exists to provide clear, reliable, and exceptional advice to its community in the area of estate law.

Robbins Estate Law was founded in 2017 by Kyle Robbins when he realized there was a major need for estate planning attorneys that was not being filled in the greater Austin area. Many law firms are willing to “dabble” in estate law, but few of them are true experts that routinely practice it day in and day out.  Whether it’s estate planning, probate and estate administration, or estate litigation, Kyle set out to build a team of the best experts in the industry.  

Since then, our firm has grown to 5 attorneys and 15 total staff members, making us one of the largest estate law teams in Austin, Cedar Park & Round Rock.  

Our Team: 

Kyle & Lorenza go all the way back to law school at the University of Texas together.  They were in the same classes, learning from the same professors, where they both fell in love with the area of estate law.  Before joining Kyle’s team, Lorenza worked for one of the most prestigious estate tax law firms in Texas, specializing in ultra-high net-worth clients.  

Rashmi spent many years working at the largest and most well-known litigation firm in the state of Texas before deciding to put her knowledge to use in probate and estate administration.  She heads up the probate division of the firm and has handled more probate cases than any other attorney at our firm.  

John went to the #1 ranked law school in the country (Yale) and worked at one of the largest and most prestigious international law firms in the world before joining Robbins Estate Law.  His passion about estate planning and probate comes firsthand from experiencing its importance in his own family.  

Our Approach to Law:

Too often lawyers tell their clients that they can’t predict how much their services will cost, or how long it will take, only to wind up with frustrated and unexpected bills and delays.  Robbins Estate Law is different.  We offer predictable, flat fees, on an upfront and clear schedule.  We achieve this by taking our time upfront to understand and design the best legal plans and strategies for our clients for their unique circumstances.