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Dispute Continues Over Trust Created By The Late Alan Thicke

After Alan Thicke passed away from a ruptured aorta in 2016, his sons Robin and Brennan were named co-trustees of his estate, according to TMZ. Fox News reports in its story, “Alan Thicke’s widow claims late actor’s sons are spending trust, keeping her from inheritance” that Alan Thicke’s wife Tanya Callau feels the brothers are leaving her out of the loop and...

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Texas Court Of Appeals Examines Effect Of Mediated Family Settlement Agreement On Probate Claims

Judge John M. Bailey of the Court of Appeals of Texas recently wrote the opinion in the Court’s decision in the case of “In the Estate of Mathis,” which involved a dispute arising from mediated family settlement agreement. Michael Mathis appealed a decision from a contested probate proceeding that was resolved by a mediated family settlement agreement and mutual release. The...

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Who Can Sue the Personal Representative of an Estate for Wrong-Doing?

The South Carolina Supreme Court in Fisher v. Huckabee addressed who may bring a civil action on behalf of the estate of a deceased person, when the personal representative of the estate is also a potential defendant in the case. Alice Shaw-Baker lived in Charleston and had no immediate family. She allegedly had an agreement with Bessie Huckabee, Kay Passailaigue Slade and Sandra...

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