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Robbins Estate Law Opens Their First Houston Office

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Robbins Estate Law 8/21/2023 Robbins Estate Law Expands into Houston with Brand New Office Houston, Texas, Robbins Estate Law, is proud to announce the opening of its newest office location in Houston, Texas. Located at 6575 W Loop S #500, Office #542, Bellaire, TX 77401, the new office has opened its doors to Houston’s residents. The...

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What Is an Irrevocable Trust?

Trusts are a flexible tool that you can use to accomplish a vast array of estate planning goals. Often, people use a revocable trust so their estate can avoid probate court and excessive tax burdens. Revocable trusts also give their creators far more control over their assets than a will. One key trait of a revocable trust is that...

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Pros and Cons of a Life Estate in Texas

Property owners can use several estate planning tools to protect their homes for future generations while continuing to live in and enjoy the property before they pass. Life estates are one such tool. Whether creating a plan to protect yourself or a loved one, weighing the pros and cons of a life estate in Texas is essential. Further, understanding...

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Guardianship vs. Power Of Attorney: What Is the Difference?

Guardianship and power of attorney are two methods to handle the affairs of someone who can not do so for themselves. Whether a disabling condition is temporary or permanent, both guardianship and power of attorney grant an individual the legal tools to make decisions for another person. When planning your estate, it is crucial to forecast a broad range...

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Common-Law vs. Traditional Marriage in Texas

Many people have a vague idea about common-law marriage, but few understand the legal nuances that separate it from traditional marriage. While common-law marriage affords couples many of the same rights and responsibilities as the more conventional path, each state differs in how they treat common-law partners. Further, it is risky to assume you are in a common-law marriage...

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How Does a Texas Life Estate Work?

A life estate is an ownership agreement over a piece of property. It gives one person the right to remain in possession of the property for the rest of their life and another the right to own the property afterward. The person who holds the life estate for their life is called the life tenant. The person who owns...

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Do I Have to Pay an Inheritance Tax in Texas?

If you are receiving an inheritance, you are probably wondering: Is there an inheritance tax in Texas? Understanding the tax implications of passing down an inheritance is also critical when planning your estate. There is no inheritance tax in Texas. However, if you are inheriting property from a person who lived in another state, you might have to pay...

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Disadvantages of Common-Law Marriage in Texas

Texas law recognizes common-law marriage as valid and enforceable. And although there are a number of pros, there are a few cons of common-law marriage to be aware of as well.  Entering into any marriage is an important decision. Thus, before moving forward with common-law marriage, make sure you have a basic understanding of both the advantages and disadvantages....

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Can Same-Sex Couples Be Married Under Common Law in Texas?

Yes, under Texas law, same-sex common law marriage is permitted. That said, before you move forward with entering into a common law marriage, there are a few things you should know.  In this blog post, we will discuss the history of and requirements for same-sex common law marriage in Texas. When you have questions about common law marriage and...

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What Is the Difference Between Probate and Estate Litigation?

Litigation over inheritance is never pleasant. Families can be torn apart when someone believes they are not receiving their fair share, whether right or wrong. The best strategy is to avoid these situations before they happen by enacting a litigation-proof estate plan. Doing so will save your family money, time, and heartache. An experienced attorney at Robbins Estate Law...

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