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Do I Need Long-Term Care?

An effective way to safeguard your retirement savings from the high price of assisted living, in-home care or the cost of a stay in a nursing home is a long-term-care insurance policy. However, recent premium hikes have many baby boomers concerned that this type of coverage is no longer affordable. Kiplinger’s recent story, “The Long-Term-Care Insurance Dilemma,” reports that the median cost...

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Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Kiplinger’s recent article, “Medicare Doesn’t Cover Hearing Aids but Retirees Have Options,” reminds us that hearing loss is so gradual, that you don’t really recognize it until your hearing is impaired and it becomes quite bad. There’s still a stigma attached for boomers about wearing hearing aids. As people age, they often don’t recognize hearing decline or seek treatment for it. It...

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