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Pros and Cons of a Life Estate in Texas

Property owners can use several estate planning tools to protect their homes for future generations while continuing to live in and enjoy the property before they pass. Life estates are one such tool. Whether creating a plan to protect yourself or a loved one, weighing the pros and cons of a life estate in Texas is essential. Further, understanding...

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How Does a Texas Life Estate Work?

A life estate is an ownership agreement over a piece of property. It gives one person the right to remain in possession of the property for the rest of their life and another the right to own the property afterward. The person who holds the life estate for their life is called the life tenant. The person who owns...

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Film Legend’s Lawsuit Over Portrayal Dismissed

A California appeals court recently dismissed a lawsuit by film legend Olivia de Havilland over the way she was portrayed in the FX docudrama “Feud: Bette and Joan.” The court ruled that the actress, known for her roles in “Gone with the Wind” and other classics, had no right to control how the show’s creators depicted her. The Washington...

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