If your will is lost and cannot be found, what happens? Does that mean your estate has to go through probate court? Kyle Robbins a probate attorney based in Austin explains everything you need to know about a lost will.

Video Transcript:

Hey everyone Kyle Robbins here with The Law Offices of Kyle Robbins.

So what happens if you lose a will but you still have an electronic copy of it? Well, it’s a lot more difficult to get through probate, although we do it all the time. What happens is the burden of proof shifts to us, and we have to prove that the original will was not destroyed on purpose. So if any of the family members or the heirs don’t like what the will says, they have a really good chance of being able to prevent that copy of the will from actually getting probated.

So it is really important to keep the original will. We can probate the copy we can probate it even if we don’t have a copy with testimony from other people who’ve read it, but it’s a lot more trouble it’s a lot more risky, and it’s a lot more expensive if you don’t have the original. So keep your wills.

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