Under Texas Law how do you probate a will? Austin-based probate lawyer Kyle Robbins explains the probate process in the state of Texas.

Video Transcript

Hello everyone. Kyle Robins here with The Law Offices of Kyle Robbins.

So I want to answer the question how do I probate a will in Texas? Well, the short answer is, you need a probate attorney first and then about 30 minutes of your time really. We just need you to fill out a form. We need a copy of the death certificate. We need the will and it takes about two months of the attorney working with the court getting the case ready to go. And then as soon as we’re ready, we can set a hearing and you and your attorney will go in front of a probate judge and present testimony to that judge. The lawyer does most of the talking.

At the end of the hearing, the judge will admit the will to probate. And at that point in time, you’ll be the executor and responsible for collecting the assets and then distributing them out to the beneficiaries of the estate. From there, we do have to publish notice throughout the county to other potential creditors and we do have to give an inventory back to the court. So beginning to end, it’s about a six-month process but in the beginning, it’s really just getting the attorney a little bit of information that they need and then waiting on them to get everything ready for the hearing.

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