What is probate court and what does it mean to navigate it? Austin-based attorney Kyle Robbins helps you understand the probate court processes.

Video Transcript:

Hey, everyone, Kyle Robbins here with The Law Offices of Kyle Robbins.

So I wanna talk about navigating probate court. It is a complicated thing to do. A lot of times, you really need to rely on your probate attorney to help walk you through it, because there are many different types of probate. For example, a muniment of title is a probate where we only have to do about half of the work of traditional probate and we don’t actually appoint an executor.

Regular probate is where we do appoint an executor. We have to go in front of the judge. We have to give a report back to the judge of the inventory. And then a dependent administration is a type of probate where we have to go to court, usually five or six times, and the court has to review and approve every single transaction that we do, whether we’re needing to sell something, whether we’re needing to expend funds on behalf of the estate, or even whenever we’re ready to distribute it out to the heirs.

And it takes about two to three times as much in attorney’s fees and two to three times as much in time to get it through probate, as opposed to just a regular, old-fashioned probate. So navigating probate can be very complicated, and again, lean on your lawyer to walk you through it.

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