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An estate planning lawyer is integral to safeguarding your assets and setting a clear path for their future distribution. Tasked with drafting essential documents such as wills and trusts, these professionals ensure that your intentions for your estate are clearly expressed and legally upheld. Beyond document preparation, estate lawyers engage in comprehensive planning tailored to each client’s specific situation. They navigate the complexities of tax implications, asset protection, and probate avoidance, aiming to streamline the inheritance process and reduce any associated burdens on your beneficiaries.

At Robbins Estate Law, we understand the importance of providing accessible legal services and offer plans that accommodate diverse financial situations without compromising the quality or precision of our legal guidance.

What Does an Estate Planning Lawyer Do?

You might wonder, What does an estate attorney do? In Texas, an estate planning lawyer plays a crucial role in ensuring that your will, trusts, and other estate planning documents comply with state laws. This is essential as it helps you avoid common pitfalls that could complicate your estate’s future. These professionals ensure that your wishes are honored under Texas law, from seamlessly transferring your assets to protecting your loved ones’ futures.

Estate Planning

Securing the future of your family is a fundamental concern in estate planning. Leaving your loved ones’ future to uncertainty is not an option. By engaging with a law firm that prioritizes creating estate plans, you safeguard financial assets and provide emotional security for your family. This ensures that the legacy you envision is effectively established, protecting your family’s interests and providing peace of mind regarding their future welfare.


When you draft a will in Texas, you decide who inherits your assets, from real estate to personal belongings. Without a will, Texas state laws determine these matters, potentially leading to outcomes you wouldn’t have chosen. An estate planning lawyer helps you craft a will that reflects your desires and stands up in court if challenged.


Establishing trusts can be a strategic move to manage your assets effectively. Trusts allow you to specify how and when to distribute your assets, supporting your beneficiaries at the right times. Your lawyer will guide you through selecting trusts that suit your specific needs, such as educational trusts for children or special needs trusts that ensure care for dependents without jeopardizing their eligibility for government assistance.

Do I Need An Estate Planning Attorney?

If you are considering the future of your estate, you might wonder if you need an estate planning attorney. The answer largely depends on your circumstances and the complexity of your estate. An estate planning attorney can assist you with many aspects of your planning, including:

  • Preparing necessary documents. Most individuals generally need an estate planning lawyer to ensure their documents are legally sound and binding. 
  • Determining the distribution of assets. If you own property, have savings, or possess other assets, it’s prudent to consult an estate planning attorney to help you draft documents dictating how to handle your assets. This is particularly important if you have specific wishes regarding the distribution of your assets or want to minimize the tax burden on your heirs.
  • Planning for children. An estate planning attorney ensures that provisions are in place for those with children or dependents to secure their financial well-being, from establishing trusts to fund educational expenses or arranging guardianship.
  • Reviewing your current estate plan. If you are nearing retirement or have recently undergone significant life changes, such as marriage or divorce, it’s wise to review your estate plan. An estate planning attorney can help ensure your estate plan aligns with your current situation and future goals.

Engaging with an estate planning attorney is not just about drafting legal documents—it’s about ensuring that your legacy is preserved and your family is cared for according to your wishes. By taking this step, you provide yourself and your loved ones with peace of mind, knowing that the future is well-planned and secure.

Do You Have Questions for a Knowledgeable Texas Estate Planning Attorney?

If you are in the process of creating an estate plan, or you haven’t updated your plan recently, reach out to the dedicated Texas estate planning attorneys at Robbins Estate Law. Our firm takes pride in helping individuals and families create estate planning documents that provide peace of mind for years to come. We also operate on a flat fee system, so you know what you’ll pay upfront and never have to deal with hidden expenses. To learn more, give us a call to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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